This year have been challenging. I didn’t expect to get a new camera and I am not complaining. I am very appreciative. I want to photograph my family. Most of them are in different states. Covid-19 is still impacting most of us. My husband and I are staying home unless we have to go to the grocery store. I am running out of ideas and things to photograph.

Today I sat in my backyard. I was talking with my husband. He asked me if I had an idea of who was going to be my subject. I told him that I had an open call. He raised an eyebrow and looked at me to see if I was kidding. He stared a little longer and then asked, ” what do you mean?” I told him I was holding an open call. I did not have a plan but was going to photograph whoever showed up.

I grabbed by camera and sat in my backyard and waited for subjects to show up. It was sunny and hot but, my goal was to photograph and edit today. My husband sat and waited with me. He asked me how did I advertise. Just as I was about to respond. My subject showed up. I wasted no time photographing. I was excited that my subject had great personality and was very patient. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

This was the only subject that showed up and showed out.
He or she was very cooperative.
A true model.

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