Time Is Money

This past week I have not wanted to step foot out my door. I am not sure if it is because of the quarantine or the protest. My spirits and will have really been off. I am used of my happy go lucky free spirit. Now, I have to be cautious that I don’t sick if don’t wear a mask and gloves. I also have to be cautious that I don’t encounter a police officer who feels like shooting me because I am a black woman.

Most of you have heard the expression” time is money”. Well, I have found myself wasting both time and money. I waste time driving around looking for subjects to photograph instead of planning my trips. I waste money buying notebooks and note pads to write down ideas and plan trips. How many of you can relate? Have you ever gone into the store and seen a pretty notebook? Do you pick it up and think of reason you need it? I do it all the time. I grab the notebook based on the design, then I have to find a great set of pens to write with. I took the items home and placed them on the shelf with the intention of planning. I am now dedicated to writing everything down. I find that it saves so much time and prevents me from stressing over waisted time.

I make all sorts of list. I list ideas for what I plan to photograph. I write down things I want to learn. I even jot down ideas from Pinterest once I save them. If you can relate. Feel free to grab a pad and start jotting down your ideas. Try putting a pad in your purse or pocket with something to write with. When you are out running errands or enjoying the fresh air and thought enters your mind jot it down. When you are reading and something you read that you want to reflect on jot it down. You will definitely see a change.

One of these is for my bucket list of place I want to visit and the other is a bucket list of what I want to photograph.
Every coin counts. Consider saving them. Get them best out of what you currently have.

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