No One Said It Would Be Easy

As I stated in my first post, I have been snapping pictures since I was a young girl. Well, back then it was all about point and shoot for me and I took the film to be to processed. I would wait a few days and go pick up my pictures.

Times have certainly changed. I must admit I enjoy snapping photos and looking at them on the lcd of the camera. I find it time consuming trying to transfer the pictures from my micro Sd card to my laptop. Then there is the whole idea of editing them and trying to rename the pictures. I also and researching place to have the pictures printed.

I have been researching editing apps and places companies to upload and print the pictures. There is the whole idea of loading my pictures on their platforms or site and sharing the publicly. I am not willing to share everything with everyone.

Can you relate to my pain? If so, how did you get order and manage your pictures? What tips would you provide me or anyone else jumping into this game? I am reaching out to YouTube for help until I can find a photography class.

In keeping my commitment to shooting daily, Below are some shots I have taken.

I know you are probably saying if you seen one duck photograph, you have seen them all. Well for now I have to use what I got for a subject.
This is me experimenting with filters.
The pose in the tunnel was cool.
The fella saw me in photographing and decided to step out for a close up.
The kids in the park named this one red head.
Requested a side shot.
This family was having brunch.
This one scared me. See how close? No social distancing for this guy.

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