The Act of Accepting No

Have you ever been hesitant or skeptical about a situation where you know if you asked the answer would be no? I have been in many situations where I have been told no. It does something to me. I feel rejected, and in some instances I feel like I made a fool of myself for asking. Well as I grew older and experienced life, I have learned the act of accepting no. Speaking of no, I woke up early today. 10:00 am eastern. I usually fall off to sleep around 4:30 am. I wanted to get my pictures taken and post before midnight. That is the time I get off.

Let me start by saying I had no idea what was going to be my subject today. I jumped up groomed, dressed, grabbed my bag with my camera equipment and my dog. My husband accompanied me. We decided to take a walk in one of the parks that is close to home. The only plan I had was to take pictures of my dog. We walked around the park and took in the atmosphere. I wanted to unleash my beast and let her run around but, my husband was against it. There were others using the park. I found a section of the park and sat down to let my beast take a break. I gave her water and attempted to take her pictures. She was not in the mood for pictures and was not a willing participant. I snap a few shots of her here and there.

I titled this post” the act of accepting no” because of an experience I had in the park. I asked my husband if he thought it would be a good idea to ask the other dog owners if I could snap pictures of their 4 legged babies. He said he was not sure. I said well I was going to give it a chance. The first person I encountered was an older gentleman. I asked him I could take a picture. He laughed and for me, it was an indication that He was okay with it. I snapped a few pictures of his dog. I learned in the process, his fifteen year old dog was deaf. I never took into consideration that a dog or my dog could lose their hearing.

I continued along the walking path and ran into two women with a baby in a stroller and a dog. I asked her if I could snap a picture of their dog. She was more than willing to let me snap a few shots. I was excited because she was engaging. She asked her dog to sit. It made me feel really good that people are willing to help with my hobby. We continued to walk along the path and I saw an area that appeared to be unoccupied. I told my husband it would be a good area to unleash my beast. We walked to the area and was met with a crew of bees. Quickly, my husband turned away with our dog. It was not a good idea because the beast could have been attacked by the bees.

A lady walked by with her precious pouch and I asked ” can I get a picture?” she politely said “no thank you and you have a beautiful dog” I smiled and said thank you. I was a little disappointed that she said no but, I am mature enough to understand that it is her right to reject me. She does not know what I will do with the pictures. My husband said that it could have been the way that proposed the question that prompted her to say no. Whatever the reason was, it was her right. I accepted her no and kept my spirits high. We continued to walk and I continued to ask. I made it my business to ask the next group of women I saw, ” may I snap a picture of your dog?” They obliged. I asked one more dog owner and I got another yes. The point I am trying to make here is you may not always get told what you want to hear and you have to learn to accept no.

Alright, now it is time to sit back and enjoy the photoshoot.

Meet Chloe, This is my beast.
This big fella is 15 years old.
Here is a model in the making.
These two show stoppers were naturals.
The curly duo to finish things off.

I did not intend to shot random dogs today. It turned out awesome. The dogs were great and I really appreciated the dog owners for allowing me to snap their pets. Stop by again to see what’s next. Day two was a breeze.

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