365 Photo Challenge.

I was listening to a podcast while working the other day. I could not hear the entire podcast because I was assisting customers. I did hear the conversation between a lady and a man talking about taking a picture of something everyday, for the next 365 days. I thought to myself that I could do that. As I continued to help my customers, I was pondering what could I possibly take pictures of daily during the Covid-19 shut in. All that would come to mind was trees, flowers, the moon, the clouds and the sunset, mainly because I don’t have to worry about them spitting or breathing on me. I laughed at the current state of the world. Never have I dreamed of walking around with my beautiful smile covered.

I heard the two people talking about taking pictures of their young kids and I thought, I am an empty nester. It’s just my husband, the dog and I. How many pictures of them can I take before they are both frustrated with me sticking them in front of the camera? The lady stated that when her kids and family members became frustrated she did self portraits. I thought that is a good idea. I am game to do the challenge and I will start June 1. For the next 365 days, I will snap a picture every day. If my creative juices are flowing, I will snap a few more. If time permits, I will try to post each day or the next day. If you want to see what I come up with check back often a leave any comments or questions.

I don’t have a plan or a list of things I plan to snap. I am open to ideas and challenges. My goal is to gradually put together a list of ideas as they come to mind. Below are pictures of day one challenge.

A walk downtown in my home town.
I am obsessed with fountains.
Nothing like sitting here with a good book or just people watching.
I pass this sculpture often and wonder what he is carrying.

Well that is it for June 1, 2020. A walk downtown in my neighborhood.

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