Field Trip

The Corona virus has taken a toll on me. I had to get away. I decided to take a field trip. I packed my photo bag and headed out. My husband came along as well. I didn’t tell him where we were going. I wanted to surprise him. We drove for a while. As I was driving, I was glancing at my surrounding and making mental notes of ideas for backdrops. I pulled up to the parking ticket booth and told the young lady we just need to turn around. She handed me a ticket and said it was free parking for 0 to 30 minutes. I pulled into a parking spot and we got out. I walked with my fingers crossed hoping the would sell me two tickets. According to the website we were to purchase tickets on line.

I walked up and a lady greeted me. She asked if we had tickets. I shook my head no, and she pointed in the directed that I could purchase tickets. I walked up to the window and asked to purchase two tickets. My husband stood with the backpack on his back. I paid for the tickets and walked inside. I had made up in my mind that my husband will be my subject. I took my camera and lens from the backpack and attached it. I wanted to be ready for every moment.

Everything I read and learned a few days ago was running through my head. I tried to remember which lenses was for close up pictures and which mode should I use for close up shots. I attached the lens and turned on the camera. I started snapping and walking around observing everything. I had my husband stand and sit in various positions. I snapped close up shot and most of the time I was using the autofocus mode.

Below are pictures and it will reveal where we were. I recommend reading your manual or checking out online videos if you want to take great pictures. This camera has 11 focus points. The manual advises to look through the viewfinder to adjust the lens until there is a crisp view. The user guide has different scene modes. They are indicated by icons. Some of them are easy to understand and others may require that you look through the manual for guidance.

This Bird Flew me

Okay, this were all auto focus and I used both lenses. There is a lot more to learn. If you like my pictures, stick around I plan to do a 365 challenge. This means I will snap at least one picture a day of the things I see daily.

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