A Mother With a New Camera!

I have had a love for snapping pictures since I was as an elementary student. I saved all of my money that I earned from braiding hair and purchased a Kodak camera and film from K&B drugstore. I snapped pictures of friends , family and I really enjoyed snapping pictures of nature. Once my film was finished and I took it to have the pictures developed. I’d get so excited when I went to the photo lab to pick up my pictures. That excitement quickly turned into disappointment when I saw that most of my pictures were dark blurs. My precious moments were not captured.

I cannot explain the excitement I possessed when the photography world introduced me to digital cameras. I had to save my coins to purchase my first digital camera . It was much more advanced than the camera that I was using. As time progressed, so did technology. I continued to change my cameras as well. Most of my shots were done with trial and error. Nowadays, I am capturing precious moments with my cellular phone’s camera, tablet, and when I really want to relax Use a regular camera. I have never take the time to take a photography course not have taken time to read a camera manual.

I received a camera for Mother’s Day. it is out of my league of cameras. I figured if, i want to produce beautiful show stopping pictures, I have to learn the ends and outs of this handy piece of equipment. I decided to take my spare time and learn as much as possible about this camera. To keep committed, I started this blog. I hope to inspire and motivate others to carve time out of their busy lifestyle and spend time doing something they love.

This is my Mother’s Day gift.
These are the pieces that came in the kit.

In the second picture above, it displays all the pieces or parts that was included in the kit. It included the DSLR camera, two lenses, a battery and adapter to charge the battery. It also included a camera bag. I don’t think I will use the camera bag that was included because it is a shoulder bag. I will probably use the bag I purchased when I purchased my Nikon SLR camera. I carried a tripod with me and other accessories. I have not purchased any accessories for this unit yet. I will post the accessories once I determine what I need.

This is the Nikon Camera Bag.

Cheez for now. I am off to learn my camera.

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